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New Zealand Dairy Blackmailed!


It has been a rough few years for the New Zealand dairy industry. After the various scandals faced by Fonterra (a dairy company owned by both New Zealand and Australia), they are now being threatened that poison will be added to their infant formula production.

Since September 2008, Fonterra has been the centre of dairy scandal. The biggest one occurred in 2008, where their infant formula  was criminally contaminated with melamine during the raw milk stages. This caused a big scene and it forced 10,000 tonnes of infant milk powder to be recalled. So this scenario faced must be déjà vu for the Fonterra board…

New Zealand Prime Minister John Keys has labelled this as an act of “eco-terrorism”. Police report that Fonterra and the New Zealand farmer group, Federated Farmers, began receiving anonymous letters in November 2014. It demanded that they cease using 1080 pest control or they would put 1080 in the milk powder. The company quickly acted by locking down their supply and production chains.

But it seems like the blackmailers haven’t acted yet. 40000 raw milk and product samples have been tested for 1080 and no traces have been found. Yet, this threat has already taken effect on the New Zealand economy.

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