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No More Maggi Noodles Imported


Last week, we reported the trail that Maggi Noodles were facing in India after the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) discovered the high level of lead found in the instant noodles. Since Maggi Noodles in Australia mostly come from the Indian factories, we have now temporarily suspended our imports on this popular instant snack.

This decision was made on the 11th of June by the Australian Department of Agriculture as a precautionary measure. The high level of lead reported by the FSSAI also breach the permissible levels in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code).

Under the current agreement, each consignment will be held in a place to be approved by an authorised officer until it has been inspected, or inspected and analysed, in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Imported Food Inspection Scheme.

In order to lift this ban, the Department Of Agriculture will do tests for the presence of lead and compliance with Standard 1.4.1 of the Code.

Do you need to clear your pantry of Maggi Noodles? Do you (like myself) need to be on the watch out for other potential instant noodle reports?

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