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Not The Usual Suspect In Food Poisoning


When one hears about a food poisoning scandal, people normally assume it was caused by the ingredients used in the meal but as the scandal was investigated in the Burnside Hospital in Adelaide, a different story unfolds.

Since September, there has been 16 victims of salmonella in the hospital. It was soon exposed that a filthy food mixer was the cause of the bout of foodborne illness. Since discovering the cause, the hospital has sent written warnings to more than 1,600 people about possible exposure.

Fay Jenkins, the South Australia Health’s director of food safety and nutrition says that hospital staff were unable to clean the stab food mixing appliance properly, which had led to a build-up of food residue and bacteria. The mixer was constructed in a way that made it difficult to thoroughly clean and sanitise the appliance.

Hearing this story makes me distrust a lot of eateries. If the place where people are supposed to be healing from sickness end up causing even more pain to their patients…I am not comfortable with that idea. If you are faced with wary customers, how would your food business act? Do you need to be more careful with the utensils you use to prepare your food? Do you need to be more diligent in cleaning your kitchen utensils to make sure you will not cause foodborne illnesses?

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