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NZ Frozen Berries Scare


Just when we all thought the frozen berries scandals were over in Australia and New Zealand, a new challenger approaches! On Monday this week, Ausveg announced four new cases of hepatitis A linked to frozen berries imported into New Zealand.

A recall notice made by the Ministry for Primary Industries was placed on the Fruzio Mixed Berries. This product comes from FSL Foods and are sold in 1kg and 500-gram bags, containing blackberries and strawberries.

Since the call was made, Ausveg has placed pressure on the Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) system. After looking at the new direction Australia is taking in regards to food labelling (which is to introduce more transparent labelling system so that consumers can make informed decisions about their food purchases), New Zealand has been encouraged to follow suite – especially since they use a voluntary method in this scenario. Since the scare, both the New Zealand Labour Party and the Green Party of New Zealand come forward and call for mandatory Country of Origin Labelling.

Does this challenge you to be more careful with your purchases? Are you going to make sure you know where your food comes from?

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