Oyster Codes: Changes In South Australia


The South Australian Oyster Growers’ Association (SAOGA) has been advocating for the South Australian government to help develop new farming codes for oysters. And it seems yesterday, they got their prayers answered.

After receiving $25,000 from the government, The South Australian Oyster Growers’ Association will use the money to develop a new third party certification that will showcase the premium credentials of South Australia’s oyster industry. The Acting Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Kyam Maher says the project will provide further assurance to customers about the quality, health, and environmental credentials of South Australian oysters.

The new codes seek to allow members of the SAOGA independently assess third-party certification and will help distinguish our high-end South Australian oysters from the other oysters on the competitive market. The code will consider factors such as quality and food safety of oysters, environmental sustainability, and workplace safety, as well as improve industry efficiencies.

Do you think this third-party certification will help maintain the high standards of Australian oysters? Or does more need to be done to ensure the high quality oysters farmed on our shores?

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