Queensland food poisoning

Restaurant Closes in Queensland Food Poisoning Scandal


To start the year of Australian food stories, a Queensland food poisoning case has arisen regarding the food in a Chinese restaurant. Located within Logan City Council, southeast Queensland, the Springwood restaurant was forced to be shut down after 80 people were reported to have food poisoning.

It is suspected that there was a salmonella outbreak and this caused many patrons to be sick over the weekend, some still remain in hospitals. There are probably other victims in this scenario and the authorities urge people to report their cases if they are feeling ill.

The city council will continue to work alongside Queensland health to investigate this situation. Though it is still too early to pinpoint a particular product, authorities suggest that fried ice cream and prawns might be the source of this salmonella outbreak.

The temporary closure of the restaurant may seem like the restaurant’s fault but authorities are also looking at the possibility that the salmonella might come from the suppliers.

For me, this comes as a woeful tale. Fried ice cream is simply my favourite thing in the world (ice cream that’s deep fried – it is ingenious!) and to have it defiled in this way breaks my heart. I truly hope that the Queensland Health has the wrong suspect at hand…

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