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School Food Safety: Importance Of The Lunchbox


With the holidays almost over, parents need to start considering school food safety as they conjure up a lunch menu for their kids. There are many little tricks you can use and the NSW Food Authority has released some tips that can help you keep your child safe this school year.

It’s common knowledge that the heat is a major factor in food poisoning, so the obvious action to take here is to keep your child’s lunchbox cool! But how do you that? Easy. Give them a frozen popper. Not only do that get a nice cool drink but it also keeps the contents of the lunchbox in a colder condition.

Another important factor to consider when packing your child’s lunchbox is food allergies. Even if your child may not have any allergies, but be aware of the common allergies like peanuts for the sake of your child’s friend. Most NSW schools and childcare have a nut-free policy because it is a high-risk allergen, but it is worth checking with your individual school about rules pertaining to foods containing allergens.

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