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Slow Cooker Tips for Busy Bodies


The slow cooker revolution has taken the world by storm. Super mums and busy workers relish in the ease that a home-cooked meal can be made and the time it frees up for other household chores. But like with all things to do with food being prepared in the kitchen, one must consider the food safety aspect of using a slow cooker.

There are many benefits of using a slow cooker to prepare your food. It uses less electricity than an oven. The long low-temperature cooking method used by the slow cooker helps tenderise the meat, especially if you bought less expensive meat.  It’s easy to clean – there really is only one step in the preparation period. Finally, a variety of foods can be produced with a slow cooker.

Here are a few tips to ensure food safety for your slow cooker.

  1. Keep your cooker clean and only use clean utensils and work area to help prepare the ingredients.
  2. Perishable goods should be refrigerated until preparation time. Keep raw meat and vegetables separate.
  3. Thaw the meat before putting it into the slow cooker.
  4. Vegetables cook slower than meat and poultry, so if using them, put vegetables in first.
  5. Safely handle the leftovers by storing it in the fridge. Do not use the slow cooker to reheat your food.

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