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Small Producers Fight Food Safety Authorities


Most of us know that food safety authorities acts for the good for the consumers in society and to keep big food corporations in line. However, for smaller producers, they seem more like a necessary evil. The strict regulations enforced by the food authorities have them cowering in fear – and it isn’t because they have bad food safety habits.

Farmers selling food at their farm gates have found support in each other as they are forced to start a legal fund to protect themselves from the food safety authorities. In order to service the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance and Regrarians Australia are hoping to launch a new legal hotline for farmers needing legal advice.

As previously reported, Aussie farmers have been struggling with food safety authorities for a while. They over-step the boundaries and it makes it much harder for them to sell their goods. This helpline is set to launch to advise the food safety requirements in the meat and seafood sectors. It is set to start up by the end of the year.

Do you need to understand the food safety standards better so your business doesn’t get caught out by the authorities?

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