‘Smashing’ The Stress Over Pesticides


As we most of us know, China has not had the cleanest track record for food safety and their newest pesticides scandal comes as little surprise. But the surprise comes in the way the food safety officials are dealing with the scenario.

Watermelons produced in China were affected by high levels of an illegal pesticide that was used in one particular batch. The batch of watermelons comes up to four tons worth! Since then 17 people have been treated for severe food poisoning from eating watermelons while one pregnant woman had to abort the baby due after she was hospitalised.

The organiser of this campaign has gathered all the recalled watermelons to the town centre of in Qingdao, in eastern China. After laying plastic sheet on the main road, infuriated and frustrated consumers commenced smashing the watermelons.

Some of the participants feel more at ease after the smashing – they have restored their trust in the shopping centre and are willing to continue to put their faith in buying food there. Why? Because they have seen the evidence of the watermelon being destroyed.

From my own humble opinion, this doesn’t resolve any issue. Yes, consumer confidence has boosted but the issue of illegal pesticides being used was not resolved.

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