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Supply Chain; Deciphering Food Outbreaks


As one can image, the food supply chain is only growing more complex. With ingredients sourced in different countries, packaged in another and finally sold in yet another country, it is very easy to see that a foodborne disease outbreak can happen anywhere along the process.

As National Geographic reported, a new report given by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that ‘the complex paths that ingredients take to become the foods we eat, and that foods follow to reach our plates, are creating foodborne disease outbreaks that occur in many places at once and are more common and more deadly than ever before’.

By simply looking at the image (sourced on forest500), you can see how complex the production of burger is (the burger itself has been to more parts of the world that I have!). What the Centres for Disease Control wants to see is that officials take more responsibility in delineating the complex supply chain so that it is easier to observe. Though the Food Modernisation Act committed by the Food and Drug Administration, experts believe that the Centres for Disease Control needs to do more!

If you are a food manufacturer, do you know how your ingredients are treated in an off-shore factory? Are the produce transparently made? Being at the end of the supply chain, what is something you can do to protect yourself from any foodborne pathogen?

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