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Sydney Tuna Food Poisoning


Four food poisoning victims were announced in the media yesterday after they ate tuna at a Sydney café on Monday. The tuna was imported from Thailand and the victims show symptoms of Scombroid poisoning.

The café in question is the Soul Origin store located at Town Hall. Soul Origin (as a company) has boomed in the past few years. With the growing fad of café culture, they managed to create a franchise out of that and locate them in food courts and other locations that require a quick meal. The tuna salad served at the café seems to be the source of the victim’s unease. The South Eastern Sydney Local Health District said the fish may not have been stored correctly.

How does Scombroid food poisoning occur?

Scombroid poisoning is more commonly known as histamine poisoning. It is a type of poisoning caused by high levels of histamine in fish which can occur if it isn’t chilled properly. Only antihistamines can treat this food poison.

Symptoms for Scombroid poisoning include tingling or burning in the mouth, rash on the upper body, drop in blood pressure, headaches and itching. If it’s a more severe case, it can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea requiring hospitalisation, particularly for elderly patients.

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