Taking Vegetarian Too Far


A vegetarian restaurant in Canberra is currently facing a trial after breaking many food safety codes. The reason? Because the vegan restaurant owner did not want to kill the cockroaches.

Mr. Khanh Hoang, the owner of Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant, attended court over the eight food safety violations uncovered in 2013. There were live and dead cockroaches found in the kitchen but that was only the first of their problems. The floor and parts of the walls of the kitchen were covered with grim and cooking surfaces and equipment were left uncleaned and covered with dirt, food waste and debris.

The Vegetarian Complex

As a notorious omnivore (on the borderline of being a carnivore), I commend Mr Hoang’s attitude in this matter. He is sticking to his beliefs and actually living it out in all aspects of his life. However, I think for the safety of your customers, you probably need to do something about the possible disease they might carry.

A professor of pest management says that though roaches have never been proven to truly be a vector for disease, they are still a health hazard. Since then, even though Hoang has passionate vegan values, he realised this misguided his morals. His kitchen is now roach free with regular visits by pest control.

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