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Technology Advancement In China Help Food Safety


As one of the fastest moving society’s in regards to technology advancement, China has used their skills to create a new phone app that will help their food safety practices. With so many food safety scandals in 2014, this app will keep the producers more transparent to their consumers.

By scanning a particular code on the packaging of your desired produce, it will show you the fruit’s complete thousand-mile journey from a vine in a lush valley along the upper Yangtze River to a bin in a Beijing supermarket. The smartphone feature, which also details soil and water tests from the farm, is intended to ensure that the kiwi has not been contaminated anywhere along the way.

Can this technology advancement save food safety face?

Some people doubt the effectiveness of this program. Though it goes through the certificates published by the producers, consumers do not trust the legitimacy of the certificates – the information can be fake. After being hit with so many life endangering food scandals, it has shaken consumer trust and spurred outcries and protests.

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