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The End: Frozen Berries Scandal


You might remember earlier in the year when a line of frozen berries was taken off the shelf due to its causing of food poisoning. This story has officially come to close after the announcement that Nanna’s frozen berries will retire from the frozen food industry.

Yesterday, Victorian packing company Patties Foods announced that it has sold its Creative Gourmet business, and will be out of the frozen fruit market by early 2016. Just to refresh your memory, in February of this year, Nanna’s berries were at the centre of attention of a hepatitis A scandal, where more than 30 people were diagnosed with the illness (click here for more information). Although the frozen berries were proved innocent in April (click here for our blog post on this story), consumer confidence had already dropped drastically.

After looking at the financial year just past, Nanna’s berries saw that its net profit after tax was down from $16.7 million to just $2.1 million. With such a great deficit, they have decided to sell the frozen fruit part of the company to a third party.

Does this story scare you a little – especially if you are in the food industry? Do you need to take extra precautions to avoid causing food poisoning to your customers? How would you gain their trust again?

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