True Aussie Produce Movement In Asia


Australian produce has a very large market overseas. Recently, a national brand was made to help identify all Australian agricultural produce sold overseas which will hopefully help boost global sales on crucial exports.

Many international consumers, especially in Asia, highly regard Australian produce. With our rather clean history for food safety, international consumers will search high and low and will be willing to spend extra for the sake of their health for produce that are guaranteed as authentically and wholly  Australian grown. Currently, much of Australian rural produce are airfreighted overnight to China and Hong Kong.

The True Aussie brand will be used on all fresh or unprocessed food that is 100 per cent sourced from Australian farms. So far, many Australians support this movement. The National Farmers Federation (NFF), believes the True Aussie brand will ­generate better returns for Australian farmers. The NFF chief executive predicts that with this new branding, exports could double from $40bn to $80bn in the next 15 years if Asian consumers continue to demand for safe, clean, green and trusted food from Australia. Though some are worried about the potential country-of-origin brands competition, that will be a problem that will be discussed when it happens.

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