True Blue Aussie Barbie Globalised in Labeling


Following yesterday’s web seminar on food labeling, today we address the issue of labels in products within our sunburnt country. As many Australians hit the BBQ, they expect their meat and produce to be pure bred Aussie as well. But if you look closer to the labels, you may find out that might not be the case.

After China imported frozen berry incident that caused the hepatitis A scare and the Thai tuna that made a handful of customers sick at a Sydney cafe, Australian consumers have one simple wish; to have their food come from our own soil.

Being in the agricultural nation, many Australians are baffled at the idea of not being able to consume exported produce when our local farmers grow the same produce! And it seems this is caused by a major concern over country of origin and the effectiveness of current food labeling.

The future of labeling

As consumers urge that food labeling becomes more transparent, the government is pushing for clearer food labeling. As mentioned in our previous post on True Aussie branding, the government hopes to push more campaigns like this to help consumers clearly identify what is truly Aussie made.

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