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Update: Frozen Berries Scandal


A week ago, it was reported that frozen berries were causing hepatitis A around Australia. But now with 18 people victims, other circumstances have arisen to make us question not only the frozen berries but the way the government is handling the situation.

Frozen Berries Not Linked To Hepatitis A Victims?

Patties Food (the company that owns Nanna’s Frozen Berries) claims that there was no clear link between the national hepatitis A outbreak and its recalled berries. The company has not received the consumer products to test for Hepatitis A. The company also provided ample examples of top-of-the-notch food safety habits like, quality check control testing documents back to June 2014 which they are satisfied with.

But for now, The Department of Agriculture requests that all companies importing Chinese berries to provide information about their sources and food safety management while the Food Standards Australia New Zealand will review of the risk status of frozen berries.

Government Lax On Frozen Berries

The Department of Agriculture has not added an extra surveillance on the imported frozen goods since the scenario. While they are researching the cause of this issue and have increased the staff in frozen berry imports for food safety, they have not changed the way they approach the issue. The department realises that their current laws fail and that the current border protection is sluggish. Hopefully, now that they realise their faults, they would take that into action to improve the current rules surrounding the food safety of imports.

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