Video: Best Practices in Allergen Management

Managing the allergens in your food products is very important. With so many allergies prevalent in the world nowadays, it has never been more important to be meticulous with controlling your allergens. From farm to table, it is important to ensure any allergens that might have been transmitted is listed carefully on the packaging on your product – or to have the allergen completely absent in your product.  This web seminar will help you figure that out.

A Summary Of Best Practices in Allergen Management

Allergens are a significant hazard in the food and beverage industry. Allergen management has evolved over the years along with the growth in the knowledge and understanding of the issue. However, effective allergen management continues to be a significant challenge to the food and beverage industry. This webinar will discuss the industry best practices in allergen management that will assist you in the development of robust and effective allergen management systems.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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