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Video: Designing & Implementing a Robust Foreign Material Prevention Program


As many in food safety will know, foreign material entering the production process of manufacturing is the biggest cause of food scandals. The unwelcomed objects can carry many different types of food pathogen and can be ingested by the unknowing victim. This web seminar will help you build a better plan to prevent foreign materials from entering the production process. From metal detectors to x-rays, these technological advancements might just save you and your company from the fate the fell upon Nanna’s frozen berries.

A Summary Of Video: Designing & Implementing a Robust Foreign Material Prevention Program

An introduction to the principles of metal detectors and X-ray systems providing an understanding of how they work. Factors affecting sensitivity and proper testing to provide an understanding of all the outside influences on MD and XR systems as well as proper testing and verification procedures to truly and completely challenge the systems to verify performance. Other items to consider that focus on system design highlighting the importance of controlling rejected product and determining root cause and corrective action.
This web seminar was written and prepared by Robert Rogers, Sr Advisor for Food Safety & Regulations, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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