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Video: Food Labeling Regulations


When some of us think of food labelling, we feel confused…much like the confusion depicted in the picture featured in today’s post. But also similar to the picture, there is such a variety of food labelling systems not only in Australia but also the world. This week’s web seminar will explore the complexities of putting the right information on food labels for food producers and go through and clarify facts about the regulations placed on food labels that you may not be sure about. With an international perspective, things like listing ingredients, net weight, nutrition facts, name and address of the manufacturer are just some of the information that will be discussed in the web seminar.

The Summary of Food Labeling Regulations

This webinar will provide valuable insight into the complex world of food labelling: including Food Labels, what do they mean, Stakeholders, General Food Labeling Requirements, International Standard for Food Labeling, Main Risks in Food Labeling, Control Measures, Role of concerned parties. A well made and informative food label is key in gaining consumer confidence so it is of utmost importance that your food manufacturing company knows the intricacies of this complicated system. This web seminar will not only what to put on your labels but also look at what points need to be avoided.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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