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Video: Food Packaging Material Compliance Simplified for EU and US

Food packaging is an essential part of food safety. This week’s web seminar explains the complex packaging system adopted by the European Union for their food. The web seminar bases most of its finding with the current food packaging system adopted in the United States – it will compare the two systems to draw out ideas that will help us better understand how the European system works. With an American audience in mind, keep your eyes and ears open and your mind ready to adapt facts to help you in the Australian climate for food packaging.

Summary Of Web Seminar: Food Packaging Material Compliance Simplified for EU and US

The evolution of European Union food packaging material legislation has been the source of much confusion in the United States. While procedural details differ, the substance of legal requirements in the two large consumer markets has much in common. This webinar summarises similarities and differences between the two systems and suggests how compliance for one can document fulfilment of the other.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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