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Video: Food Safety from Store to Belly


There is only so much a producer can do in terms of food safety. The process of simply opening packaged food and placing the contents onto a plate can cause many food borne pathogens to go onto the food. This week’s web seminar will help consumers better understand how to keep their food safe from food borne pathogens in the process of preparing their food after it has been bought at a store.

A Summary of Food Safety from Store to Belly

This webinar discusses topics related to keeping food safe from the viewpoint of the average (non-expert) consumer. When we talk about food safety, the most we meet with processes that are related to food production on the field, throughout the industry and to the store. What has been neglected or addressed in a small part on individual websites is food safety when it comes into the hands of consumers. Just in this area, there are many topics that are important to discuss, and that is important to consider. Information contained on the product is not sufficient to the average consumer who has not enough knowledge about the safe storage, handling, cross-contamination, adequate preparing of etc.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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