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Video – Food Safety Trainings – Emergency Response


For those that run a business, does your company have food safety training? Are they sufficient in providing your crew with the right amount of information to adapt to an emergency situation? If not, here is the webinar for you! This post will explore how your employees should react to natural disasters and prepare them for a business as usual kind of day.


The Food Safety Trainings – Emergency Preparedness and Response Summary

This webinar discusses why and how employees must be sufficiently trained in order to react appropriately in a crisis situation. Every year we suffer from disasters, these disasters have a huge impact, not only on the environment but also in all the processes related to food production. Although most organizations engaged in the production of food, prepared manuals in case of emergencies, the same in most cases are not complete or not sufficiently presented to employees. In many cases, employees are not trained for crisis cases, which can be crucial for the further operation of the organization.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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