Video: How to Implement a Successful Vision Inspection Program to Prevent Labeling Defects

Food labeling has been cause of many food safety scandals in the past few years. Issues like the AUSTRALIAN MADE have become not only a national issue but it has affected the entire world! If you want to avoid such dramas, this is the web seminar just for you! The video will point out to you what are the particular steps that you need to take to avoid causing any of these complications.

The Labeling Web Seminar

Incorrect label, damaged package or variable print quality are some of the chief culprits behind product recalls today. With the prevalence of food allergies in the population on the rise, more stringent rules and regulations on labeling and reduced customer tolerance for any form of product defect, the need for in-line, comprehensive label inspection is now more critical than ever. Fortunately, with a carefully implemented vision program, these sorts of defects can be virtually eliminated. This presentation will discuss some of main elements that make up such a successful vision program and will touch upon the reasons why many current implementations of machine vision so often do not meet expectations.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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