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Video: Safe Food vs. Healthy Food


In this modern society, safe food and healthy food seem to be interchangeable terms. Safe food means that it will be healthy and healthy food means that it is safe – nothing is safer than food that is meant to be good for your body…right? WRONG! This week’s web seminar will help dissipate these ideals and help you understand that safe food may not be as healthy as we thought it ought to be. The webinar will explore the future of this mentality and how it will change the food industry.

The Synopsis: Safe Food vs. Healthy Food

This webinar will discuss how successful food producers of the future will need to provide both healthy and safe products. When we talk about food safety, we always speak about safe product that will not cause a bad reaction of the organism after its consumption. This further means that the product is safe, but does not necessarily mean that the product is healthy. An increasing number of people realise the importance of healthy eating and turned to the same. This trend will not leave food producers, which in the future will have to provide, in addition to safe also a healthy products for the market.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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