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Video: Traceability of Food in Restaurants and Fast Food

Traceability of food is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers. With global networks allowing food to come from anywhere in the world, consumers are developing growing concern over the origin of the food they consume. This week’s web seminar will explore simple and practical ways that consumers can trace the food they consume at home and even at restaurants.

A Summary: Traceability of Food in Restaurants and Fast Food

Traceability is the obligation of every food producer. Application of traceability is, depending on the size of the organisation, complexity of the production process and product and system preparedness, somewhere simpler and somewhere complicated. Regardless of the circumstances, traceability must be applied, but also tested through daily activities and planned activities. The big challenge is placed in front of food manufacturers who offer their products directly to the consumer. Traceability of food in restaurants and fast food restaurants can be tricky, but through simple and practical examples can be easily implemented.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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