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Video: Validation of Food Safety Control Measures


Food safety management is one of the most important practices that is considered by food producer, manufacturers, businesses and restaurants. Validating your current food management plan is equally important. This week’s web seminar will help you test your current food safety management system in place to see whether any changes need to be made or not.

A Summary of Validation of Food Safety Control Measures

This webinar discusses the importance of validating food safety control measures to ensure food safety management system capability. Validation of food safety control measures is essential to ensure that a food safety management system will be capable of producing safe food and remains effective over a period of time. Validation involves examining theoretically the scientific justifications for the control measures identified and practically challenging them to determine they will be suitable and capable of consistently achieving the required level of control to ensure safe food.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety


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