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Welcome To Good Food Month


For many Sydney residents, October is a good time for their palate but a bad time for their stomachs; it is Good Food Month. Starting today, the main event – the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park – will be open and many people will come to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. But with so much excitement and anticipation, food safety may be the last thing on your mind.

Business Owners

As the people distributing food to thousands of people over the month, it is vital that you maintain a good food safety standard on the food you produce. You do not want thousands of customers grumbling about the unsanitary food they consumed from your store! So remember;

  • Store your raw and cooked food separately – do not let them mix!
  • Make sure your meat dishes are fully cooked
  • Wash your hands while preparing the food
  • Keep the food in a cool environment so it will not go off

There are many other actions you may need to be careful of, but keep these important facts in mind.


Amongst the excitement, you might forget to do these things before you commence eating your delicious meals;

  • Wash your hands before your meal
  • Check whether the food is cooked properly

Small gestures like this can prevent you from hurling all your food up after a bad bout of food poisoning. Also if you happen to drop your food on the park grounds, don’t pick it up and eat it! The 5-second rule is a lie!

Do you need to adopt this to your eating lifestyle? Or do you need to check your kitchen to protect your consumers?

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