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If you missed the recall announcement made by Woolworths, it is a good thing you joined us today! Woolworths announced yesterday that they are recalling 4 Pack Woolworths Select Chicken and Vegetables Pies. Why? Because they might contain glass.

This urgent announcement was made just after midday yesterday. The Select brand Chicken and Vegetables Pies are not only sold at Woolworths but also at Safeway supermarkets. In particular, the product you need to keep an eye out on are the ones purchased after the 14th of April in this year. Also check when the use by date of the product is, if your pies and its use by date falls on October 9 or 10, return the pack to the store for a full refund.

The NSW Food Authority has advised that pies were being recalled due to a potential presence of foreign matter (glass) and said consumers should not eat the product.

If you have eaten the product in question already, Woolworths urges that you immediately go seek medical advice.

Call Woolworths on 1800 103 515 if you are a customer who is concerned after this product.

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