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2016 Australia: Food Safety Round Up 2

Get ready for another food safety roundup. Australia has been hit with some major food safety issues, so without a further ad0, let us get straight into the issues.

The Bonsoy Dilemma

For those that have followed us for a while, you might remember that in 2014, the popular soy milk company Bonsoy was sued after nearly 600 victims fell seriously ill after drinking their product (for more on this story, please click here). Since then the law firm that sued Bonsoy, law firm of Maurice Blackburn, has received $7 million after the case was settled for $25 million in 2014.

Many legal letters are still being processed, so many victims still have not received their compensation for their troubles and the law firm argues that only after all claims have been assessed will we be able to divide the settlement and distribute compensation. As you can imagine, most victims are confused and just want retribution.

Gluten-Free Certification Continues To Expand In Australia

The Allergen Control Group, owners of the Gluten-Free Certification Program, is excited to announce their expansion into the Asia Pacific market as they continue to strive to grow market share and brand recognition worldwide.

In Australia, the Integrity Compliance Solutions is the company that runs the program here in Australia and their trainers have extensive experience in food safety, auditing, quality management, operational management, technical and regulatory.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Australia’s food safety roundup

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