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Our Friendly Neighbourhood Food Sniffer

Technology has come a far way and the Food Sniffer is one such technical endeavour. Have you ever wondered whether the raw meat in your fridge is good to eat or should be thrown out? Well, the hero we didn’t know we needed has arrived!

The Food Sniffer is a hand-held device that you can use to discern whether the uncooked meat is safe to eat or not. As most of us know, different circumstance can effect the use by date of a product – chilling or freezing gives it the maximum shelf life. If meat is left in an environment above 5°C and meat perishes faster and the longer the meat spends in the warm climate, the higher the risk.

With the help of your phone, the Food Sniffer will tell you whether your pork, beef, chicken or seafood needs to be disposed of or not depending on the gases omitted by the produce. Once the Food Sniffer has come to a decision, it will send its verdict to your phone. If it says “spoiled” then discard the meat. If it says cook thoroughly then either discard or cook it thoroughly. For hospitality, discard it.

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