Gastro Spike In New South Wales

We all know gastro to be one of the most prevalent food poisoning causes around. It seems like this persistent pathogen is back and is one a rampage throughout New South Wales.

Over past week or so, more than 1600 people have been rushed to the emergency departments around New South Wales, which is a 14% rise from the usual amount of patients at this time of the year. Within that group, more than 400 of these patients were admitted into the hospital for longer treatment. Furthermore, across the state there has been 56 gastro outbreaks in nursing homes, child care centres and hospitals have been reported since the start of June.

The figures alone forced the New South Wales Health Department to issue a public warning about this strand of gastro. Although, more often than not, this virus is spread through food but it is also contagious – meaning that it can often spread via direct contact with an infected person. The Health Department urges that as a precaution, people should wash their hands thoroughly before eating.

Do you need to take extra care in preparing your food? Or even just having more precautionary steps before you eat?

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