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Video: Food Safety Plans, doing the Hazard Analysis right

Food safety plans are really important and are crucial for the operation of a stead food business. This week’s web seminar challenges you to analyse your current programs to see if they are all properly understood by your colleagues and employees.

Summary Of Web Seminar Food Safety Plans, doing the Hazard Analysis right

It is generally suggested that after implementing a list of Good Manufacturing Practices a Process-based food safety plan should be implemented to identify the potential hazards at the various steps, and to determine methods for control. To achieve an effective management of the hazards they need to be clearly understood, and this is not always achieved. The idea of this webinar is to review the various food safety hazards in more detail using a classification rationale and to discuss tools that can assist in the completion of this task more effectively.


This is part of the IFSQN webinar series on food safety

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