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Aussie Meat Online Food Safety Program

A new online food safety program has been designed by the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA). It is designed in hope of educating the Australian red meat producers.

In order to strengthen the accreditation by the LPA, the online food safety program will help meat producers progressively work through the training modules before getting their certificate.

The module is a 30-minute course developed by Meat & Livestock Australia and its aim is to provide producers with the appropriate knowledge for on-farm food safety practices. This will help producers deliver safe red meat to domestic and international customers.

From September the 1st, the LPA will officially commence the program. Producers would have to go through the course and then answer ten questions to pass the test – much like a driver’s license exam. From 2017, producers only need to go through the course to be accredited by the LPA again. An email or letter will be sent to the participant to remind them of when their re-commitment is due – this is done in a three-year cycle.

The following video is a quick glimpse of what the LPA Learning course looks like;

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