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Australian Soft Drink Tax In Question

Australia has been in discussion to impose a soft drink tax. It has been almost half a year since the issue was first raised. At first, many people seem keen on the idea. But now, the opposing voices are being heard.

Ever since the United Kingdom has imposed such a tax, many professionals in public health suggest Australia follow suit (read more on this in our previous post here). It will help lower obesity, a new epidemic Australians are facing.

Since then, a report has been published and suggests that an excise tax of 40c per 100g of sugar for all non-alcoholic, water-based drinks. It hopes to put people more on the watch of what they consume and to hopefully pursue a healthier lifestyle.

However, Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce, thinks otherwise.

Joyce’s View on Soft Drink

Joyce believes that the idea of taxing the sugar in a soft drink is ludicrous. It is as if it would restrict an individual’s freedom and will harm the local sugar industry. And that the Australian Taxation Office should not be an excuse for people not to exercise. As Acting Prime Minister, his words have a major effect on the future of this tax.

Do you agree with Joyce’s words? Is there another way to battle obesity?

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