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Illegal Drugs Sold In Australian Grocery Stores!


Many of us have been taught in schools to not do drugs – let alone illegal drugs. But it seems a few grocery stores around Australia must have skipped that class. The grocery stores have found to be selling the illegal opiate tablet.

A recent laboratory test done on a herbal product bought in Melbourne revealed that the product contained a significant amount of opium, and some experts believe consuming just two tablets will give the user a “hit”. These tablets are called ‘Kamini Tablets’ is an Ayurvedic medication is sold as an aphrodisiac or often as a stimulant by many South Asian grocery stores around Australia.

Why is it being sold in the stores in the first place?

Well, this lucrative trade has become the main source of income for small businesses. The business will offer discounts on their grocery product imports only if they also agree to purchase (and sell on) the opiate tablets.

It is an addictive drug that is commonly used in India. Nicknamed the ‘Indian Viagra’ it is said to improve men’s’ virility. It makes the user believe that they are physically stronger and energetic. It is an addictive drug and can cause a change in behaviour – the user can become more aggressive.

Many Australian authorities are working together to prevent any more of this opiate from entering our shores. But for many of them., it is hard to do anything as of yet. No evidence has been provided…until now.

Can you think of other ways businesses can be more visible about this sort of situations? What steps do you need to take to stop yourself from falling into a similar trap?

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