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Australia’s Worst Food Rating State

In a recent food rating test held by the government, Canberra discovered that many eateries failed the test – more than ever before! This has occurred after the ACT government ditched its proposal for “scores on doors” restaurant safety ratings.

Just to give you a look at the results, in the past year, 30% of conducted inspections found failures to comply with public health laws. This is twice as many as the government’s target maximum failure rate. The results do not just come from restaurants, but some came from pharmacies too!

In defence of these results, Restaurants and Catering Australia says the result shows that inspections are now tougher, not that hygiene practices are worse. As a consumer though, I think it is a rather weak excuse – the new laws are made to ensure the safety of your customers. I am more concerned that they spent time analysing this as opposed to working on fixing their hygiene issues…

Do you think stricter rules will help maintain food safety? Does a food rating work or is it just a title?

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