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Change To Fresh Food Safety

Fresh food changes are about to happen around Australia. Currently food safety for fresh produce is not done in a uniform manner. There are multiple laws abiding towards it. But that is all going to change come October.

Commencing from October, the Produce Marketing Association of Australia & New Zealand (PMA) is preparing to launch the unitary standard. It is said that this process will be phased over two years. This will replace the various state-based regulations that are currently in place.

Produce Marketing Association of Australia & New Zealand said that many major Australian supermarkets are in support of this move. This is because it is created with the basis of the global standard for food safety for fresh food. Another positive on this move for food safety is that it will meet the 60 additional needs from direct food suppliers, and that will reduce duplication in documentation and audits.

Do you think these changes are for the better? What are the flaws you can see in this new system? Or can you see the good points of one unitary standard?

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