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Consumer Fear of GM Food

For many consumers, GM food is something they have been accustomed to in the market. We try our best to avoid but we know that that is near impossible. Yet after Hungry Jack “No Added Hormones” campaign (in which it compares to its other competitors by saying they do not use hormones in the meat patties), a survey revealed that people care more about this than we first presumed.

ABC Rural did a survey in Wollongong and just from the conversations that had on the streets, it is clear that many of them to worry about the effects that added hormones can have. Most of their knowledge in these side effects come from social media.

According to Meat and Livestock Australia, 40% of Australian cattle are raised with some sort of hormone and have done so for the past 30 years. They also released that there were more traces of hormones in eggs or soybean oil. Many in this industry hope to break down the stigma many have over added hormones. Because in truth, it is a necessary evil with a small side effect. Without these hormones, supply will not meet the high demand of consumers unless more people moved into farming.

Do you think GM food is a major issue? Do you have to reconsider the ingredients you use or plan a night out differently?

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