Eat At Your Own Risk: Australian Honey




Australian honey is one of the most contaminated honey in the world! Recently an international research paper revealed that the natural poisons found in Aussie honey can cause chronic diseases like cancer!

As one can imagine, many people are now on high alert. This has affected the sales of varieties of honey on supermarket shelves. While the products do meet more relaxed Australian food safety standards, all but five Australian honeys tested had more contaminants than the European Food Safety Authority would consider safe or tolerable as reported in the Food Additives And Contaminants journal.

What is in that honey?

The poison found in Australian honey is attributed to the blending of restricted plants to make the final product. These restricted plants sometimes contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, a chemical found in the flower of weeds. And it is in these plants that honey might be sourced. The FSANZ’s level of safe intake for pyrrolizidine alkaloids is set much higher than its European counterparts, who are more concerned with the potential cancer-causing effects.

Australian companies defend themselves by saying that Paterson’s curse honey is not produced in commercial quantities in Australia.

Do you need to be more wary of honey? Do you need to read the labels more carefully?

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