Facebook Shamming – Food Style

The world of social media has taken the world by storm – sites such as Facebook has helped people reconnect with friends from years back who you would have otherwise never made contact with again. But with the ease of communication, bad news also travels faster and more publicly too! Coles and Woolworths know in full detail the negative side of this internet anomaly.

Both of these supermarket giants took to the world of Facebook quickly. Hoping to use Facebook as a medium to increase their popularity by promising fresh products at the lowest price, they hoped to outsmart each other. But their dreams came crashing down when customers started placing complaints about their produce. The Woolworths Facebook page had a customer post a photo of their Spinach Leaf bag, with a complimentary rodent corpse in it. While on the Coles Facebook page, a customer’s freshly grilled chicken had a side of a crunchy cockroach. Sorry to inform you Coles and Woolworths, you guys might be ‘fresh’ but I am not convinced clean on the food safety side.

If such big companies can fall victim to the ‘cyberbullying’ on Facebook, one must seriously consider how to manage their social media outlets! How can you best use social media for your food company? Or how can you make sure all your products are up to consumer expectations?

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