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Food Packaging Effects Taste

We all know food packaging has a huge effect on consumers. It can be the deal breaker when it comes to purchasing a good or service. But what if it affects the way people perceive their taste buds as well? After reading this, you can not help but think otherwise!

Eating is a multi-sensory activity, where you use more than just your taste buds to decide whether something is ‘delicious’ or not. Receptors like smell, sight, sound and touch change our final decision too.

A Food Packaging Experiment

A research paper released in 2011 was done after the infamous Coca-Cola red was changed. A special ‘white’ edition was released to raise funds for endangered polar bears but soon customers complained that Coca-Cola had changed its secret formula. An experiment was done with popcorn served in different coloured bowls. The colour red is associated with sweetness, and this was proven true in the experiment since participants perceived salty popcorn to taste sweeter when served in a red bowl.

Changing the food packaging can drastically change a consumer’s perception of their food – it can become a great marketing tool! What steps might you take to make your products more appealing in your food business? Have you noticed how colour and packaging can affect the way something tastes?

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