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Food Poisoning In Melbourne

There has been a report that people from Melbourne are getting food poisoning after having high tea at the Crown Casino. I bet they did not expect to contract such a horrid experience from such a high-end establishment!

After eating at the restaurant in the Crown Casino on the 6th of February, diners reported that they began to feel ill. The Victorian Health department jumped straight into action to try and source out the source of the issue. So far, the Health officials can confirm that the food contamination was confined to the afternoon of the 6th of February and any cases will be followed up and tests are currently being undertaken to determine the cause.

Some thing that the food poisoning is caused by the usual suspects of cold meats and cheese. Since most of the victims showed typical food poisoning symptoms like nausea, vomiting and aching bodies, it will take at least three days before they start feeling normal again and able to eat anything.

Do you need to be more wary about where to pick to eat and don’t just assume an expensive place will keep you safe? Does keeping food poisoning at bay means ordering other foods for you?

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