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Food Poisoning Markers

Food poisoning is something many of us strive to avoid. This does not always work though, especially if we eat out. Or when there is a bug going around.

We all get a little worried when we feel a little off after a meal out. The sudden shudders and the vomiting – these are all good markers that you have food poisoning. But it is important that we point the finger at the right person. A recent research shows that food poisoning is caused mostly at home. Since people eat at home more than they eat out.

With many food intolerances, it can be easy to pinpoint why you might be sick. For example, mild cases of diarrhoea could just as easily be caused by exposure to irritants like gluten or lactose, as by a toxin, bacteria or virus. If you are really sick (with a high temperature and have uncontrollable shaking), you most probably have gastro. This can be traced back once there are other people sick with the same bug. Once there is an outbreak, researches can track back what all the victims ate and find a common element.

Do you need to be more careful in how you prepare your meal? Or do you need to have a better knowledge of the ingredients in your meals?

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