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Health Food Mythbusters!

One of the many food crazes that currently flock our social media feeds is health food. They have been a huge push to eat healthily and to eat organic to benefit not only the environment but also your body. But there are some food that fall into this category but they do not truly belong there.

It is very easy for consumers to believe that the items in the list are actually healthy but when you analyse it just a bit more, you will not see them the same ever again.

The Not ‘Health Food But We Think They Are’ List

  • Muffins: large serving size and often contain high amounts of sugar, fat and refined flour

  • Raw desserts: can contain high amounts of sugar and fat

  • Muesli bars: more often that not can contain high levels of added sugar

  • Granola/toasted muesli: high in added sugar and oil

  • Smoothies: often high in sugar

  • Vegetable or rice chips: mostly high in fat and salt

  • Juices: contain excessive amounts of sugar and little fibre

  • Gluten-free products: often highly processed with added salt and sugar (unless you happen to be coeliac)

  • Instant porridge: high in sugar

  • Protein bars: often highly processed and contain excessive sugar

  • Multigrain bread: often use refined white flour (not wholemeal) with only a few seeds and grain added

  • Banana bread: probably contains refined flour and high in sugar

Did any food you considered ‘healthy’ make it onto this list? If so, has this changed your perspective on the food? How can you amend your diet?

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