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How much does a chicken roll cost?

A chicken roll of the pastry kind will probably set you back by $5. But for the unfortunate souls that fell victim to the food poisoning scandal caused by Sylvania Bakery, that chicken roll was a lot more than your small purple note.

Possibly many more than the people who went to the hospital after consuming the chicken roll actually got sick (some estimate 100) but only 40 people were reported. Out of that, 13 of those people were hospitalised for treatment. They suffered from a salmonella infection. So how much are we looking at here? Well, an average hospital visit like this will set you back anything from $500 – $1000!

For one victim, it even meant having her baby prematurely after falling victim to the food poisoning. Thankfully the mother and daughter are well and no other victims have died, but there is no cost to life…it is invaluable!

But the story does not end there, those that are sick have to be taken care of by their loved ones after they are dismissed from the hospital. Taking a day off work also comes at a high price, maybe $200 per day you need to take off?

For the bakery, it had to be closed during the food safety inspectors looked into the causes of this outbreak. The sales figures for the bakery during this point will be non-existent. But more importantly, the reputation of the bakery is in shambles. There might even be a negative figure here…

So to answer the question of how much does a chicken roll cost? More than a bakery can afford!

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