No More Trolleys, Please

For many of us, we use shopping trolleys or baskets when we go and do our grocery shopping. Especially if we are the kind to do a large bulk at once. But after a Seven News report recently, you might want to reconsider.

An investigation undertaken by Channel Seven revealed that trolleys and shopping baskets in Aldi and Coles were tested positive for faecal coliforms. Researchers say that this bacteria itself will not normally make you sick. It will only make you sick but if the person who deposited the faecal matter was suffering from food poisoning. For example, if the person had salmonella, then they are putting others at risk.

This information should encourage many people to consider washing they’re ‘ready to eat’ foods before consumption. These include fruit and vegetables. Another thing to consider is to wash their hands after using their trolleys or baskets. Spokespeople from Coles and Aldi says that the company cleans their trolley when necessary.

Does this news force you to reconsider how you prepare your food at home? What kind of precautions will you take from here on out?

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