North Queensland Struck By Gastro

Since the beginning of the year, Far North Queensland has had 61 people fall victim to gastro – that is quite a large number of people food poisoned! 2016 marks the highest surge of food poisoning cases in three years.

Health officials claim that most patients became sick after falling victim to some dodgy homemade chicken. They urge people to improve their food hygiene and preparation techniques to prevent any more incidents from occurring.

The cause of this gastro surge is the presence of Campylobacter in the victim’s body. It is a very common cause of foodborne illness in Australia and the bacteria causes diarrhoea, abdominal pains, cramping and fevers. If you show any of these symptoms, please go see a doctor!

Some steps you can take to ensure that your chicken meal is prepared properly are;

  • Make sure the utensils used to prepare the raw chicken is clean before using it to prepare a salad
  • Do not wash you raw chicken – it spreads the bacteria around!
  • All chicken and egg dishes must be thoroughly cooked

Do you need to take more safety precautions when preparing a chicken meal? Any habits you might need to change to make sure you do not get campylobacter?

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