Outrage from Burger Fans


As a huge fan of a good burger, this news even has me slightly angry – even though I understand the food safety aspect. Recently the New South Wales Food Safety Authority has placed a new regulation that restricts burger chefs in creating the juiciest patties.

If you have not guessed what this rule is, the NSW Food Safety Authorities have threatened the chefs a fine of $1540 fines for not cooking hamburgers properly. This comes from a concern that occurred earlier on the year – in February – that meant a new guideline was created so that any mince should be cooked until there is no visible pink meat.

Despite the statistics and providing evidence of the issues that raw mince meat can cause, gourmet chefs and even consumers are infuriated by the new restriction. The main issue is that it affects the taste of the burger and it’s the care taken in cooking the patties to be slightly rare that makes gourmet burgers different a fast chain restaurant. Even though people acknowledge the good intentions of the NSW Food Safety Authorities they still do not agree with the idea of restricting what and how they eat.

But when someone dies of this…who will the consumers end up blaming – the chefs of the government? Probably the government right? So, of course, Food Safety Authorities want to cover their backs with this!

Food safety of the taste of food? Which one would you choose?

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